Get Visitors By Submitting to Google News

Google News is the new SEO trend that is sweeping the web. Just like submitting your website to the usual organic version of search engines, you can also submit your website to Google News. Once approved, your blogs or articles will be syndicated by Google, sending your content across the web.

How amazing is that? With this technique, you can instantly jump ahead of other indexed websites with related keywords because you will appear in the news area instead. Just like most things, when good things happen, people will abuse it and before you know it, everyone has to pay the price for a few people’s abuse. So if you try to spam it with your favorite affiliate links then you will not get approved. Keep that in mind.

The concept is that submissions to Google News should be “news”. Many abusers try to post reviews about their affiliate program which ruins it for everyone else. Post real news and before you know it, your website will be sending out information to the entire web which will attract thousands back to your website.
To submit a website, this is what you do:

Step 1
Build a website that is professional and news related. Using WordPress for such a venture is normally a good idea and there are a ton of good news related themes that are free to use. Set up major categories that are relative to news and make sure you do not have any outgoing, external links.

Think “news” and make sure your posts look like news articles with pictures and all. get about a hundred or so articles dated over the course of several months.

Step 2
Do you submission to Google and wait for them to approve your website.

When your site has been approved, try to stay away from affiliate links but feel free to monetize it with networks like AdSense. Once you have earned a good reputation, you can slide a few CPA offers in as well.

Patience is a virtue and you should be mindful of that while building your news site. This is a gradual concept and should not be done over night. Do not forget to get some quality backlinks for your site as well. This will add to the authenticity of your site.

To your success,
Mark Johnson

Charismatic Communication – Ten Tips on Increasing the Retention Rate of Your Speeches

“Memory is a crazy woman that hoards coloured rags and throws away food”… Austin O’Malley

Experimental psychologist A.D. Baddeley demonstrated in his research that people generally recall a series of short words better than they recall a series of long words. As early as 1965 it was demonstrated that retention of spoken information in the short term, or working, memory peaks at about fifteen seconds. Waugh and Norman, writing in the Psychological Review, established that retention falls off dramatically after the fifteen second barrier.

Short words rather than long words included in short sentences rather than sentences longer than fifteen seconds assist your listeners to work within the confines of their working memories, and long sentences crammed with multi-syllable and unfamiliar words, perhaps accompanied by qualifications and subordinate clauses that, if people haven’t given you their fullest attention, and let’s face it they often don’t, will lead to confusion and indeed loss of meaning, probably about half way through, can turn an address into a kind of into a marathon requiring the cognitive endurance of a mensa candidate and ultimately everyone including yourself will probably have forgotten the starting point of the idea you sought to express (if, incidentally, there was one in the first place) before they ever reach the end of your verbal onslaught. Of course you get the point, don’t you?

The most glaringly obvious verbal onslaughts are usually contained in written speeches. A point well worth remembering when you initially write out a speech or address is to use the written word purely as a phonetic representation of spoken language. In other words, do write as you speak and avoid writing content that makes you speak as you write.

When writing any part of a verbal presentation bear in mind that people do not generally speak in sentences: they speak in sense bursts. In oral communication, people process words in chunks or phrases. Pick up a book of well-written poetry and notice how it’s set out. Good, conventional poetry is far closer in style to spoken language than a lot of the stodge that professional speechwriters churn out.

Memorable presentations are ones that allow listener/s to process your information and build a memory picture or cognitive map as they go along. In speaking for maximum conformity to how a person’s working memory works, select from the following guidelines:

1. Make your language simple, clear, precise, and make sure you use concrete words. The majority of your listeners need concrete words, and plenty of verbs, to understand your content.

2. Don’t use pollie-speak, bureaucratese, moneyspeak or any of the other gobbeldygook languages. You don’t need to inflate your intellectual vanity by telling your audience you know how to speak like a pointy-head.

3. Convert specialist acronyms and shorthand descriptions into clear, unambiguous language. Eg. Instead of CPI, call it the Cost of Living.

4. Contain one idea per sentence. Long sentences with subordinate or dependent clauses are for books, magazine, and newspapers, not spoken language.

5. If you’re into purple prose, go and get de-purpled. Be careful and economical with adjectives and flowery language. Be unique, yes, but try not to be pompous.

6. Use active voice and tense when you wish to get people really involved in your content. Use the passive voice and tense when you want your listeners to be detached observers of some experience. Too much usage of passive voice however can result in an audience becoming lethargic and disinterested.

7. Build your argument logically. Use illustrations and visual imagery to connect point to point.

8. Use metaphors, as they are a short way for your listener to understand often complex ideas. Don’t mix your metaphors or you may find yourself up a tree without a paddle!

9. Be careful with tautologies, like “new initiative” “lone individual” and other sillinesses because they direct your listener’s attention away from your argument.

10. Build in suspense, questions, and cliff-hangers to invoke curiosity and active listening.

Further work in the field of information retention has shown that people sub-vocalise information. Sub-vocalisation describes self-talk and creating matching visual imagery in a process of silently rehearsing and reviewing information inside your head. It’s been found that sub-vocalisation is critical to transferring information from the short-term, or working memory, to the long-term memory.

The upshot of this research is that if you wish your audience to retain and be able to remember key points of your presentation you would be well advised to make fewer, shorter points, preferably linked to an already established theme. This facilitates easier sub-vocalisation and helps your audience build comfortably on your previous points.

Another effective technique is the use of concrete language to great visual storylines as you speak. Aim to make your speeches experiences that draw on all of the senses. Evoke through your words smells, sounds, pictures, tastes and feelings, creating a multimedia theatre of the mind. In other words, make the rags vivid attractions in a sparser landscape.

(c) desmond Guilfoyle 2006

Are You Aware of Landmark Healthcare Delivery Laws?

Congress passed into law the Social Security Act of 1965. Title XVIII of this controversial act allowed for the establishment of Medicare, a health insurance program for (1) citizens age 65 and older regardless of income or medical history and (2) persons under age 65 with certain qualifying disabilities. At the time, Medicare’s passage was extremely controversial given that it aided civil rights causes by making fund allocations to healthcare providers contingent on the desegregation of hospitals and waiting rooms. Life expectancy has increased significantly increased since Medicare’s inception, necessitating several major changes. For example, hospice aid was added in 1984, and Medicare was expanded to offer benefits to younger citizens with permanent disabilities (typically known as Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSD I). The costs of Medicare benefits to patients have risen steeply in recent years, mirroring cost increases across the healthcare industry. Seniors now must weigh their options very carefully when considering private insurance against Medicare’s public option.

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 (also known as Obama Care) was designed to address the large number of American citizens without health insurance (some 50 million as of 2013) as well as skyrocketing healthcare costs. The Affordable Care Act contains legislation that mandates small business owners who have 50 or more full-time employees provide health insurance to each full-time staff member or pay a financial penalty. In addition, the ACA establishes several tiers of public health insurance for people. If citizens choose to opt out of coverage, they must pay a penalty of $95 or 1% of their total income, whichever is higher (2014 figures).

Although the Affordable Care Act is expected to allow tens of millions of American citizens to access healthcare services they might not otherwise have been able to afford, the law has come under harsh criticism for its mandates and their outcomes. For example, ACA opponents have cited the pre-emptive shift by many large companies to part-time labor in order to avoid the ACA’s full-time employee health insurance requirements. While the full effects of this shift remain to be seen, many people have found themselves suspended between two part-time positions, neither of which offers health insurance benefits.

Looking toward the future of healthcare delivery in the United States, the Affordable Care Act may serve as a transition to universal coverage, a system in which the socialized programs of Medicare and Medicaid are expanded to cover all citizens. A taxpayer-funded, government managed healthcare fund would allow the government to negotiate effectively with healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and medical product manufacturers by awarding national contracts. Private manufacturers would then have tremendous incentive to keep their products and services safe, effective, and affordable.

Tips on Selecting Hospitality & Culinary Schools

Until now, you had heard about this subject plenty of times, but really didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. When a prospective learner is looking to focus a culinary or hospitality instruct, there are some aspects that they should believe before they make their result. They first want to reveal if the instruct the institution submits hysterics the goals they have set for themselves. Next, they should look at the instructs accreditation. Also, they want to know if the institution rallies trade values by contacting the accrediting action, The American cooking Federation.

Question about the faculty. What print of values must the instructor rally in order to show at that particular institution? The learner also wants to know that on completion of their exercise, they will be frequent with and be able to maneuver utensils that are worn in that trade. Students should find out from the institution where their graduates are running and what print of assistance is presented to help graduates find employment after graduation.

Fortunately, there are a lot of opportunities nowadays for learners to arrange for hospitality and culinary instruct career exercise. Many high instructs and vocational instructs submit an open type of program linked to the hospitality trade. While winning these program, learners have the opportunity to be intricate in instruct banquets, catering instruct trial and/or running with their instruct refectory.

If you liked the first section of this article, stay tuned because we have more to follow in the next section! Somebody looking to focus hospitality instructs or instructs should see what print of job openings linked to the hospitality trade might be presented in their question. This not only arranges them for their official exercise, but it also gives them a good idea of what the hospitality trade is all about.

Squeal with people that are presently running in this burgeoning trade. Make an incline of questions you may have and get enter from a type of sources. This way the learner can get an idea of what it is like to work in the hospitality tackle.

There are certain qualities that are the keys to a successful career in culinary arts. First, one’s plea to become a cook is of chief importance. Following is commitment, to manually and to the profession. This helps when life does not go according to their diagram. Professional outlook is next on the incline. It is important to be assured in your dress, your interactions and the errands you do. If you are perceived as a professional, you will be treated as one.

Last, are culinary and hospitality skills. Each learner must have the fundamental skills wanted to fastened an access-echelon arrange in the trade. These qualities are the shop blocks of a career and should to be the cornerstones of a learner’s culture. Having this information handy will help you a great deal the next time you find yourself in need of it.

Role of Real Estate Brokers in Real Estate Investments

During a real estate deal, the broker plays a significant role. The broker is basically a professional who helps the sellers to sell a property. He acts like an intermediary between buyers and sellers. In some countries, the estate broker is also known as a real estate agent. The broker represents the buyer even though he does not possess the power of attorney or the right to make important decisions on behalf of the clients.

The real estate investments are not handled by the broker alone. He would be usually supported by salespersons who would assist him in selling process. Most of the brokers work exclusively with the sellers even though it is possible for them to represent the buyer by signing a special agreement. It is important to acquire a license to act as a estate broker. The license becomes mandatory if the money is exchanged and there are many agents working under the supervision of the broker. Unlicensed activity is not at all permitted unless the buyer is acting as his own estate broker. In such a case there is no need for any further paperwork. The first step involved in getting a broker license would be to accredit as a agent. Then the person has to take 90-hour course and pass the law exam.

According to the rules pertaining in each state, the would-be agents are required to obtain adequate training. Moreover each state has specific requirements for the amount of training that should be taken the agents. In addition to requirements pertaining to the length of study, there are approved methods of training for getting a license in each country. A list of approved real estate courses and training providers are maintained by each state. Some states would allow the distance learning method and study through internet while other states would not support it. Some home study real estate courses are also offered which can be accomplished in as little as three weeks. Such courses may require intense study over a shorter period of time. However they are said to be effective in providing adequate training for taking a real estate license exam.

A series of services would be provided by a estate brokers like market analysis of the homes value, property appraisal, document preparation, consulting and guidance and also supervision during auctions. In addition to offering all these services, the broker would also help with the listing and advertising of the property, negotiating price, and drafting closing records. Moreover the broker would also give helping hands in arranging loans and financing. They would also help to organize open houses for show casing the property.

The monetary benefit would be gained by the real estate brokers through commission which would generally be five to seven percent of the final selling price of the property. Even though flat fees are an option but they are not popular.

Software Telemarketing Is The Solution to Your Sales and Marketing Needs

There are many limitations to being a small and relatively new software company. However, with these limitations also comes the advantage of you perhaps having created state-of-the-art software that may even beat out some others on the market. The limitations on the other hand, may outweigh the advantages, such as constraints on the budget they have for certain third party services they need. A good example of this is if they do not own their own office building and are leasing space. These limitations would render their ability to function properly and efficiency. Under these circumstances, outsourcing is a widely taken choice in order to avail of sales and marketing solutions to aid them.

Software telemarketing is one of these many solutions, and happens to be a very effective marketing strategy to make use of. Software telemarketing can be used for certain functions such as software lead generation and software appointment setting. These two functions are highly successful approaches which a software firm can make use of in order to maximize the revenue they make after a long period of utilizing software telemarketing. Lead generation, after all, is a very important function for any company and software leads will perhaps be one of the most important things for any software firm. Software appointment setting can become equally important as it helps largely on getting business appointments for the employing firm.

Software Lead Generation – Software lead generation is effective when done by a telemarketing firm that employs highly skilled and trained professional telemarketers. Lead generation is offered by many other firms but only few can match the abilities of a good telemarketer working for a telemarketing company. One example of software leads are ERP leads which software firms that want to better market their ERP software make use of. The telemarketing firm that is employed for lead generation services can be tasked with generating these ERP leads and fill out entire leads lists or databases with them. There are many more types of software leads such as CRM leads or leads for other IT services and products.

Software Appointment Setting – Software appointment setting functions in a way that it makes it easier for a software firm to acquire business appointments with their prospects. First of all, for this to work, software telemarketing should be used to generate software leads. Without these leads, a software appointment setting campaign would not be as effective. As you may already have an idea of, software appointment setting is done so that software firms can acquire business appointments with their prospects on a much larger basis. The use of high-quality software leads in this approach is that when good leads are used the results from the appointment setting campaign can be maximized. This is done by telemarketers by calling the prospects designated as leads and introducing the company they represent, what they do and the purpose for the call. If the call ends positively, the employing software firm can attempt to seal a deal out of the appointment that was set.

Software telemarketing is very effective for any small software firm because outsourced services are offered at reasonable prices. Also, these sorts of services aren’t very constricting as most contracts are open and only run for a short amount of time thus if the service is no longer desired that it can easily be terminated. However, software telemarketing is quite effective that most results would be very satisfying to any software firm that utilizes it.

How To Start Your Home-Based Internet Business: A Guide to Avoiding The Traps and Expenses

Are you starting a new Internet marketing business-enterprise online? Are you new to the trade and looking for some help? Every single person, no matter how successful in the Internet Marketing trade, has started at the very bottom knowing absolutely NOTHING! So although there are some highly successful people in this business earning large amounts of cash from the web, you need to begin at ZERO and work up from there. Even as I say this I want to encourage you not to be too daunted by the towers of success that surround you, take each day at a time, try not to look too far ahead at the enormous quantity of information you need to absorb and apply. Rome, as they are fond of saying, was not built in a day…and nor will your business be. What? Did someone tell you 48 hours? Run! Quick! Get away from them! And I am going to tell you why…

Internet Marketing is a business just like an other brick-and-mortar set-up, be it your own products or those of other people whom you represent as an affiliate. There are unavoidable, practical steps you need to take on your road to success if you really want to get a solid footing and succeed long-term in Internet Marketing. These steps include:

1. Learn your business (research your program of study carefully, learn from someone who takes a little and gives a lot)

2. Research your products (stay on familiar ground)

3. Discipline yourself firmly (routine, no interruptions, hours of work)

4. Plan each day the day before (set goals)

5. Avoid the sharks in this huge information Ocean! (One program, no switching)

6. Never Forget: The Internet is occupied by PEOPLE…not zombies!

These all seem to basic steps and pretty much plain and simple logic. BUT…it is, in reality, not that straight-forward. The Internet Ocean is filled with very greedy and very hungry sharks, they feed off of your need, your vulnerabilities and your CASH! They know well ahead of time what your problems and desires are, they have prepared their sales-hype and are ready to appeal to your every soft-spot. You need to understand that humans are predictable in many ways, we all have emotions, we all respond to emotional stimuli in a certain manner. When we are in need, we are vulnerable, and the sharks out there are trained in how to get to you through this need. I cannot stress this enough, when you begin your research into getting involved with Internet marketing be as CYNICAL and as critical and as hard as you can possibly make yourself. Do NOT allow others to cajole you into buying into their quick-income-online schemes…this one aspect of the entire business can break you and cause you to give in and walk away from a potentially very profitable future. We are going to go into some detail on all of this piece-by-piece:

1. Learn your business: As with any business a person may want to go into, you need to know your stuff! A Pharmacist knows his medicine and is not about to suddenly drop his pills and buy an earth-moving company, and Father Christmas knows his toys and is not about to go out selling mountaineering equipment, NO! They learned their respective trades and are very good at them, but it took time for them to get to where they are today. So it has to be with you, before you can begin to operate an Internet marketing business you need to learn your trade, learn it from the inside out, learn it well. You cannot run before you walk. So what you need is a solid training program which will take you from absolute newbie to profit, a program which will give all the video training and tutorials, it must provide you with all of the helps-tips-tricks and so much more.

Any training program you buy into must give a lot and take a little, it must tell you ahead of time what you are in for money-wise and every aspect of what the training program includes, with no hidden other costs that appear once you have bought in and they think you are committed and must therefore spend yet more to get the full program! Also, no self-respecting training program in Internet marketing will tell you that this business is quick and easy…it definitely IS NOT! Just as with ANY business or trade out there in the big wide world there is a massive mountain of information to learn and put into practise and I will tell you now that you cannot possibly hope to learn all of it within a year. It is better to begin part-time if you have to work for a living, in other words do not fall for the hype and quit your day job. Follow a properly detailed program carefully and stick to only one training program only. (On this topic, refer to item 5).

2. Research Your Products: Any good Internet marketing program will teach you that you need to focus on products to sell that you are already familiar with, you will need to apply 1st-hand knowledge to writing and posting articles, you will need to build websites and add valuable content that is meaningful and sensible to your readers, you cannot write garbage and expect people to accept it…they will not. A good internet marketing training program will also teach you how to set up a sales page that will get the reader’s attention, but this again will also depend on how knowledgeable you are on the product that you are promoting. Only later on can you get really good at researching the new product, familiarising yourself with all the various ins and outs and terminology and thus be able to write excellent content and articles. For now though, there are millions products out there to choose from so you will have no problem find at least several that you are very familiar with. Knock yourself out…

3. Discipline Yourself Firmly: This is one of two very basic but absolutely fundamental aspects of self-employment that most people are unhappy with. If you want to succeed in Internet marketing you MUST jack yourself up in this area. Self discipline is crucial to your speedy success, the less disciplined you are, the longer it will take you get things done and thus it will take that much longer to make a profit and build your business up. If you one main point of encouragement it is this: Do not be discouraged if it takes as much as 6 months (or more) to make your 1st sale, NEVER GIVE UP! This is another point that I simply cannot stress enough! Set time aside EVERY DAY and stick with it, be like a stubborn dog! Follow your path without stopping, let nobody sway you from your goal. Avoids worrying about what you are not achieving, focus rather on where you are going…the end result you are looking for. Obviously things are not going to go easy and smooth all the way, you will get bumps and stops here and there, this all par for the course. Just “Keep-On-Keeping-On”, do not deviate, take no prisoners!

4. Plan each day the day before: Goal setting…Aaaargh! This is a sticking point for many of us. To be successful in Internet marketing you need to get this one mastered unfortunately, but once you do you will wonder how you ever coped without it! Now, to help you get this into perspective and make it easy I will set out a few basics for you…(1) Keep it brief and to the point; make a simple list of, say, a maximum of 10 items you need to get done tomorrow. You will have some idea as to how long each task will take so don’t get too enthusiastic by over-stretching yourself, make the day’s goals for your Internet marketing strategy easily achievable. If you end up with time to spare that is a good thing, do another 1 or 2 tasks to fill in the time you have set aside. It is better to stay away from ending with tasks incomplete and no time left, this can be a demotivator. It feels really good to get to the end of goals for the day and this will keep spurring you on to greater effort and enjoyment, so don’t let this job become a mission and a burden. Keep it fun, keep it a pleasure. After all, this is actually your very own business

5. Avoid the sharks in this huge information ocean! Right now you are vulnerable, you want to earn money online and the chances are that you need cash and you need it pretty soon! Well join the club which has tens of thousands of members. Your situation is not new, in fact it is so old that there has been something of a science built around it! And once that science is applied to you, you will part with your precious cash hoping to build your internet marketing business fast! HAH! It will not happen as they promised, this I can promise you. It works like this; You are desperate to succeed and earn money online, right? So without meaning it, your emotions are at the forefront of this issue, right? The “sharks’ know all of this, and they have devised ways to get you by your heart-strings and rope you into their webs.

They will identify with your struggle, your feelings, they will tell you that they know EXACTLY how you feel and what you are going through…this is how they get you onto their side. Then they will tell you how easy they have made it for you and that your problems can very soon be all over, and you will see Ferrari’s and Lambo’s, mansions and exotic holidays as they tell you that this is the life that they live. “RUBBISH!” These people employ professionals to design their spiels, they post pictures that are easily available for free anywhere on the Internet, they also employ professional actors to do their videos for them…this is such common practise that if you surf around enough you will finally become used to it and ultimately you get bored with it all because most of it is just empty hype and hollow promises. I have bought many such “Programs” and have got refunds on 99% of them, those that I did not get refunded simply got lost somewhere between my hard-drive and the filing tray. The net gist of all of this is that many of these people who would drag you in are out-and-out LIARS! They tell you about their limited offer, “Only 25″ positions available!

Then you go back in 2 week’s time and find that there now “Only 32″ positions available! They also tell you that there are only so many hours to go before the “Offer” closes, when you go back in a few days, you find that there are now more hours left than there were back then at your last visit! What they are doing is creating a sense of urgency and a fear of loss in you, you get this urge to grab it before it disappears forever…oh! and yes, they use that too, they tell you that once you leave their site/page or once the offer expires, it is “gone forever!” In truth, what does happen is that after a little while of that particular product being on the market people get used to it and bored with it, it proves to be a sub-standard product and soon fades away to NO SALES! And then of course it gets taken off of the market because it has died the death it deserves. Heed this dire warning for your own sake: “There are very few Internet marketing training that are really GENUINE PRODUCTS on the market today. For your own sake become educated about their tactics and ploys, and thus become immune to them, you will be so much better off for it!

6. Never Forget: The Internet is occupied by PEOPLE…not zombies!Whatever you do while working on your sites, articles and content in your Internet marketing business, always keep in mind that you talking to real people. As with you, when you stroll into a shop in the mall after seeing an item in the display that caught your eye, you are really looking to become MORE INTERESTED once you are inside the shop. You do not expect to find that the display was the highlight and the actual content is disappointing…this is what it should be like for visitors to your websites (and you will have many). Real people visit your site (shop) because something caught their attention, and they expect to become more stimulated once they are in your site reading (in your shop browsing around). I know you see the reasoning here, this is common sense and if you get it right, it works! It is also common practise, and actually a profession on its own, to attract people to your website in such a way that are primed to buy. You have provided the teaser, now you need to deliver the closer. This is not a trick, there is solid method in this business.

People as I said earlier are predictable to a point, they like to get excited over something they see, they like to feel that they have spent their money on something special, and they like to know that they have received value-for-money! So learn how to do this for them, learn how to get the visitors to your “shop” excited and satisfied at the same time. If you can do this your Internet marketing business will not fail! Part of your “Mission-Statement” for your business should be gain the trust of your visitors and clients, to become known as decent and honest. If can build yourself a good name on the Internet marketing scene, you will do well and “people” will keep coming back to you for more, they will buy from you again and again no matter what it is that you are selling. If they TRUST you…

50 Information Technology (IT) Trends To Watch

Once upon a time technical discoveries were magical things that mesmerized us. Gradually we became accustomed to the technical wonders as they were integrated into our daily lives. 21st century has seen both the unprecedented development of technology, especially the “Information Technology (IT)” and our dependence on the same. In the IT age, technology is making our lives simpler by handling the complexities for us, up to the extent that its unavailability or a disruption in the services that it provides could adversely affect almost everything from the businesses to our day to day lives.

It is an accepted fact that the speed of technological changes is an accelerated motion. This article enlists some of the important trends in the IT world that are already visible or are forecasted to be on their way.

Human (inter)face for the technology

Technology penetration is happening fast from the business to the households to the personal lives of the human beings. This irrevocable dependency of human beings on the technology will have the most profound impact over the future of the technology. Technology will be solving the human problems, business problems just being a part of the bigger picture.

1. Technology will become indispensable even for carrying out day to day activities ranging from office communication to opening a window (of your home of course)

2. User Experience facilitated by the products, implementation of how human beings see at a problem and the technology as a mechanism for solving it, will be the factor deciding what sells and what not

3. People instead of the businesses will be the largest technology consumers and success of any new enterprise will depend upon how well it taps into this consumer base

4. Cost of the failure for the technology will become unimaginable due to its direct impact over the human lives, this will add an additional dimension to the security and safety concerns for the technology developers

5. Boundary between the technical and non-technical aspects of our lives will fade away, everything will have a technical underpinning, explicit or implicit

6. Innovation (and so the people- the knowledge workers) will keep the center stage

7. Transition from a nice to have feature to an implicit expectation will be accelerated by many folds

Social networking for the social animals

Statistics show that out of the 7 billion people on the earth, over 1.2 billion are Social Networking Users that comprises 82% of the online population. These figures are going to increase exponentially in the coming future.

8. Companies will need to remove constraints on the social technologies as the boundaries among employees, vendors, and customers will blur, all will need to communicate through the channel of the social network

9. Social Network Analysis (SNA) will be a prominent tool for the businesses and will provide valuable input to their strategy, marketing, customer segmentation, advertising etc.

10. Social Networking will provide a platform for a never seen before collaboration among the experts for solving the problems across the boundaries of their organization

11. Taken the benefits of the Social Networks it will be a challenge to manage the threat it poses for the security and privacy, and technology will need to handle this challenge

Big data growing bigger

According to an estimate the Big Data is worth $100 billion business and is growing twice as fast as the software business as a whole.

12. More and more new tools that support Big Data will come

13. Most of the businesses in the need of amassing and analyzing more and more of the data will need to rethink their data management strategy and approaches

14. Existing database management systems will either evolve to handle the big data or eventually fade away

Mobility on the move

As per an estimate more than 75% population in the world do have access to a mobile phone. Increasing computing power and decreasing hardware cost will ensure that very soon everyone on the globe have access to a mobile phone and most of them migrate to smart phones and are connected.

15. Smart devices will become sort of magic wand that will not only keep us connected and allow capturing and playing audio video contents but will also serve as a tool for communication, handling professional work when on the move, executing business applications, navigation, payment option, sensors, risk alert system, aid devices, training tool… the list is virtually endless

16. There will be a boom of the applications tailored to handheld devices

17. Enterprises will need to make their applications support handheld devices partly or fully

18. There will a never seen before opportunity for the individual developers for reaching out their customers with their own applications (Google – Android App Store already in business and Microsoft launching Windows Store)

19. Different mobile development platform may have to consider standardization

Clouds and clouds everywhere

By 2012, 20% of the businesses will not own IT assets. – Gartner Report, 2010.

As this prediction is on its way to fulfilled and go beyond that, cloud is seen as one of the topmost things that will change the face of computing and IT industry.

20. Online service offerings will become lucrative and competitive

21. As the confidence will built in favor of the cloud, decreasing cost of cloud based implementations (infrastructure or application platform or both) business shunning it (due to security and other reasons) will finally adapt to it

22. Cloud adaptation will force the service providers to find solutions for the challenges that cloud poses:

a. Concerns regarding security for the financial data and personal information

b. Locking their customers to a proprietary technology platform

c. Difficult coexistence with the legacy and proprietary systems

Business models for the future to take shape

As the speed of change in the technology is turning the world topsy-turvy businesses will need to rethink their operations to get in alignment with those changes and harness the opportunities it provides. Business models that are based on the philosophy of “Win-Win” and are agile enough will survive.

23. There will be demand for innovative business models where the customers and the service providers are seen as partners and have combined stakes in the project success, new and innovative business models will be replacing the legacy models fast

24. Legal aspects will get ever complicated and governments will need to formulate laws for handling the new legal challenges

25. IT Budgets will get trimmed, especially in turbulent times without trimming on the SLAs (so the customers will demand more services at a reduced cost)

26. Licensing models based on pay for use will get prominence

27. Multisided business models (where a service is provided to A for free but B is charged for the advertising or trends data etc.) will pick momentum

28. Service providers will offer “Freemium model” where a service is free for certain limit, a usages beyond that is charged

29. Businesses will spread their foothold in non-traditional markets, multinationals reaching to rural areas and smalltime businesses getting global

30. Government will increase usages of the IT for its public service delivery – education, law, transportation, health care etc., once the public service systems are technology enabled applications that integrate with them will have an impact

New SDLC Models to replace existing ones

As an article put it aptly “Agile is the new waterfall”, projects will not be able to wait for long delivering a working functionality or implementing a change.

31. Reduced time to market and intense competition will force the businesses to adjust their strategy more often than imagined. This will demand SDLC models that deliver the working products fast. So the iterative project development models will replace the standard waterfall models and its variations. Architecture and development models supporting small chunk deliveries will get prominence

32. Lesser time to market and faster releases will give a competitive advantage

Architecture with No Architecture will get prominence

Factors like Internet, Cloud Computing, Service Integration and Mobility Support etc. will make the application architecture overly complicated. The architecture of the future will be architecture that has no architecture- it can survive as its building blocks keep on changing.

33. Obsession with technology will be diluted and business needs etc. will take the center stage in the Enterprise Architecture

34. Architecture will get only ever complex and distributed… no turning back

35. Changes will be ever faster in the business requirements, technology, interfaces, non functional requirements etc.

36. Concepts like inter-operatibiliy, platform independence etc. will be implicit and so NFR (Non Functional Requirements) will more critical than ever

37. Architecture would need to keep on going as all the elements of architecture – device to network, application UI to data store will change and keep on changing

38. Applications will lack a direct control with the overall architecture elements but still have to be accountable for their piece

39. Context sensitivity on the pieces (is it a notepad or smart phone?) will be important

40. With diminishing maintenance time window and increasing number of interfaces and dependencies, long running batch process will need to be give way to asynchronous processes

41. Various business departments will need to share their business and technology models to create the consolidated picture

42. Trend will be a movement towards using product lines (that are tested, can be scaled, manage the volume, serve the SLAs and so on) rather than developing custom built solutions

43. Senior technical representation will be prevalent in the higher management

Geography will become irrelevant

According to a 2011 survey over 6 billion people do have access to the computers and roughly half of them have access to the Internet. Increasing power of the handheld devices and the advent of the mobile computing is going to increase these figures exponentially.

44. Enterprises will bid a farewell to most of the applications that do not support Internet or can’t be made to interface with the web and most of them will be required to support handheld devices (Mainframe based applications could be an exception, but they too are getting integrated using Web-services)

45. Global presence of the technology companies and spread of virtualization will enable organizations to create global teams that will work in shifts having an impact over how the teams are setup and tasks are managed

46. Most of the applications will need to have inbuilt localization and globalization features as a must

47. More and more applications will have “Geolocation” capability inbuilt (imagine browsing to the map that allows searching and drilling down to an address and filing up the address instead of typing it and running the validations)

48. More and more applications will be required to be up 24X7, having little time window for the activities like maintenance and batch processes

Hardware and Network will see loss of importance

As the price of computing hardware is coming down and their performance is going up, elements like hardware and network will no longer be the differentiator factor as everyone will be in a position to afford them at a reasonable price.

49. The value-add provided by the application and services will have to meet all the expectations

50. Increasing popularity and capability of virtualization will ensure a consolidation in the terms of the hardware, software and data

Starting a Business Online – Its an Art and Skills Are Needed So Just Do it Right

This is targeted to the serious reader, who wants to start making money online.

Starting a business online is actually quite easier than you think, you just need to overcome your fears and control information overload.

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Tools needed ( This is important, you have to have them in place)

• A squeeze page with an opt-in

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• An auto responder

• A weekly newsletter/ or follow up emails

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Automotive Tools – Varieties and Functionalities

With the development of technology and the upper middle classes rising the economic a ladder every day, it has become a fashion to acquire top grade tools in order to make life easier and more comfortable than what it is without their application and usage. The fact that one must bear in mind prior to the purchase of tools, is of its utility and function. Just to cite an example, if one requires the internet and other fundamental work to be done on ones computer, and then it is inessential to purchase one that has the capacity of driving 3G games. The same example can be applied when ones purchases a simple or complicated tool as well. It is a waste of money if ones spends cash o the purchase of high -tech tools when what one requires it is for regular everyday, simple tasks.

There are different varieties of automotive tools and one can take ones pick to suite one requirements. There are innumerable brands as well. It depends on ones preference and one budget to decide the brand. The same tool of different brands will cost differently. These tools can be purchased from the distribution trucks and vans that make a visit to the automotive workshops. However, there is a easier way of purchasing them as well and that is through the use of the internet. All the companies dealing with the buy and sell of automotive tools have their website which individuals can visit in their own leisure time and make a booking of the tool.The online version gives a wide display of the different varieties of the tools available in the market along with their price range.

The topmost brand that excels in the automotive tool section is the company named Snap-on. They are remarkable fir their quality and reliability. They come with a warranty periods. Within this warranty period, any damage occurring to the tools is mended without the shelling out of extra cash. However, since Snap-on automotive tools come with a high price that lies beyond the ordinary citizens to afford there are other companies as well that deal with quality automotive tools. These companies include Corbell, Matco and MAC.Then there s third category of automotive tools for the budget conscious individuals. The brands that come under this category are SK and Craftsmanship. They are cheaper bit manufactured with the same technologies as the other brands mentioned above. These brands are a perfect choice for those who want to use automotive tools for very simple, everyday tasks. They come with the same advantages as the other brands and are available online as well, as offline, which are the automotive stores.

Thus there are three categories of brands. The first, Snap- one is the topmost quality but coming with a very high price. The second comes on a cheaper level but is purchased by those to whom quality is still a fundamental requirement. The third category is for those who want to use automotive tools for semi professional reasons. Hence, it is important to have the knowledge of ones requirement prior to the actual purchase of any automotive tool.